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Professional Tutors for Grades 3-12

Experienced Tutors Improve Grades

Our tutors are trained to connect with each student, on their level, in a friendly and supportive manner.

Our research shows private 1-on-1 tutoring with an experienced tutor yields better results than group tutoring.

We support our team with continual training, AI-augmented reporting, and highly competitive compensation.

Our tutors are trained to identify what their students already understand and build on that understanding.

Private Tutors for Math, English, Science & History

Our eLearning software suite provides our tutors with the latest technology to make lessons engaging. Students tell us they enjoy the interactive exercises, and test results show our tutors use our technology effectively, raising grades and increasing confidence with engaging, enjoyable tutorials.

Students who prepare in advance will get more attention and instruction than those who struggle with prerequisites. We train students to sit closer to the front, ask and answer more questions, and always ask for clarification.

Students who are behind in class tend to fall further behind with each successive unit, unless they work with an expert and experienced tutor to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Cumulative subjects like advanced math, physics and chemistry are especially hard when prerequisites have been skipped or forgotten. We offer course previews to refresh concepts and methods before the semester begins, and intensive intervention courses for students who are so far behind they are failing.

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