Applying for College can be a daunting process. Our College Admissions experts are here to help.

Academy Tutors has helped hundreds of students from around the world get into the colleges of their choice, often with significant academic scholarships. We provide advisory services in the following 3 areas:

  • Career Planning: Choosing a Major & Choosing the Right School
  • College Admissions Application and Scholarship Essays
  • Financial Planning How to Pay for College

Career Planning

College Admissions

Academy accepts students at all stages of the admissions process. Whether you need help on an application due next month, or you're just starting to think about college for a young teen, we are here to support. We offer free consultations, and will create a customized program to address your needs with your budget in mind.

Supplemental Learning

Many of Academy's students are looking to expand their educational horizons by learning a new language, get experience coding, or study a specific culture's history. Supplemental Learning Programs allow students to learn about subjects that may not be offered in their school or community. Our vast network of tutors allows us to find an appropriate instructor for almost any request.

Academic Interventions

Life is full of surprises, and falling behind in school often comes as a surprise to parents and even students. Once we've fallen behind, it takes twice as much effort to catch back up. Having an experienced, patient and knowledgeable tutor (or three) can make this daunting challenge manageable. Let's talk about your situation, and create a plan to turn those grades around.


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