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"You explained confusing and complex topics in graspable terms that allowed me to fully understand them. You also ensured that I had a good comprehension of not only Calc BC topics but of the style of the test itself. In Physics, you explained how to properly understand what College Board asks and how to answer the questions to capitalize upon my points."

-Jocelyn, Henderson (2020-2021)
Mr. Cochener is a very smart man with many ways of explaining the same problem one may be having. It helped me a lot through my experience of learning precalculus online to know that I could just ask him for a better explanation than the books can provide at any time.

-Liam, Las Vegas (2021)
I worked with Mrs. Wooley for around 4 months on The math section of the ACT. During that time she would compromise her schedule to fit with my busy schedule and spent time outside of our lessons reviewing my tests and figuring out how to help me next. (This obviously didn’t include her Nationals games) Mrs. Wooley was an amazing person so work with and she managed to make the lessons enjoyable and very engaging. After 4 months I raised my ACT 2 points overall and raised my math 4 points. All thanks to Mrs. Wooley’s commitment to helping me reach my goals!
- Logan, Atlanta GA [online] (2019-2020)
"I would like to recommend Academy Tutors to anyone who is looking for extra help. I started working with them earlier this year and they have been so helpful. I had trouble with the Math section on the SAT and with the incredible dedication of both my tutors, I was able to increase my score by more than 250 points. All the tutors on Academy Tutors are amazing, qualified teachers that will answer any question you have no matter how silly you think it may be. My tutor was always cheerful and willing to explain the same problem time and time again until I understood it. She answered all my questions in a way that allowed me to really understand the math I had such a problem with. I am so grateful to Academy Tutors because they put in time and energy to help me facilitate my next step in my academic life. I would really recommend them for any coursework you may need help with. Thank you again!"

- Celine, Palo Alto CA [online] (2019)
"I was struggling in Algebra, and my teacher couldn't help. My mom signed me up for lessons with Academy Tutors. Feeling very good on my math! He helps me a lot. Thank you so much for my math tutor - not only is he a great person, but also is a very great math tutor!!"

-Amy, Boulder City (2018)


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