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Expert and Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are experienced eductors with a passion for helping students improve their content comprehension, and confidence. All Academy Tutors have earned a Bachelor's degree or better in the field which they tutor, with two to forty years of teaching and/or tutoring experience. Academy trains each of our tutors to identify a student's background understanding, create a strategy for addressing gaps in knowledge and understanding, and maintain communication with parents and guardians to keep the program on track.

Friendly and Engaging Tutors

We interview each tutor to determine their "lesson-side manner", or how they engage with and motivate students to achieve learning results. We train our tutors to build rapport, find common interests, and provide ongoing positive feedback with their students. Many of our students form personal bonds with their tutors, and work with the same tutor year after year across multiple subjects and grade levels.

Successful and Inspirational Tutors

All our tutors are great instructors. Many are tutoring part-time while working on personal objectives like a Doctorate or Medical Degree, starting a private school, or building a career in arts or music. Tutors share personal success in these fields to help students relate their current learning experiences with long-term skill development that will serve them well in their future pursuits.